Enterprise-Grade Dedicated Servers Architecture

Guaranteed Availability

Comprehensive, DDoS-protected global data center network delivers 100% uptime for your critical workloads.

High-Performance Hardware

Support your business processes with optimized hardware solutions. Fully leverage your resources for improved performance.

Full Control

With root access, IPMI support, API-enabled platform, and on-demand deployments, you retain full control of all your systems.

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Ideal for demanding and compliance-sensitive

ServerGenie’s dedicated servers help you overcome operational challenges.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hardware

A highly configurable single-tenant platform built to meet all your performance needs.

As the next evolutionary phase of traditional on-site hosting, dedicated server hosting takes processing performance and data security to the next level. It is tailored to the needs of a single client, delivering optimized cloud compute power. They are perfect for dynamic or compliance workloads that require advanced processing power and high-end security.

ServerGenie’s dedicated servers are architected on world-class hardware technologies to support the sophisticated needs of modern organizations. The wide variety of fully-customizable solutions let you leverage the latest processing and graphics technologies on-demand.

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Powered by the world’s leading technology, our data center infrastructure offers you competitive capabilities to take your business to the next level.


Access industry-leading storage and memory technologies optimized for accelerated processing of data-intensive workloads.

Large-Capacity Storage

Experience enhanced reliability. ServerGenie lets you configure large storage drives to support your complex data.

Scalable CPU and GPU

ServerGenie’s CPU and GPU technologies provide exceptional support for AI/ML/DL, graphics-heavy, and multimedia processing.

Storage Options

As data demands grow at an enormous rate, you need scalable, reliable, and cost effective storage solutions to meet those demands. ServerGenie offers multiple storage solutions, and give you choice and flexibility at an optimal price. Deploy dedicated servers or network storage on-demand.

Power up your infrastructure with access to 10G network and large capacity drives for improved performance. Tier your storage with next generation NVMe, SSD and HDDs to achieve ultimate performance vs. cost and capacity ratios.

Managed Private SAN

When you need dedicated, highly available, enterprise network storage, ServerGenie Managed Private SAN solution is your answer.

When leveraging hybrid flash SAN technologies, you get performance and cost effective density, offering you the best of both worlds. Designed for the small to medium enterprise, this solution can replace your dying SAN infrastructure and run your critical business applications with upwards of 5-9’s of availability.

ServerGenie Managed Private SAN offers:

  • NFS, iSCSI or FC options available
  • Leverages HA clustering technology
  • Flash acceleration accommodates high IOP workloads
  • In-line deduplication and compression
  • Built for high density up to multiple hundred TBs

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Competitive deployment timeframe.
Diverse customization options.

Why Choose ServerGenie’s Dedicated Server Hosting?

Leverage prime data center resources to build custom and scalable IT platform.

Fully customizable dedicated web hosting services let you adjust your IT platform to your business. Configure your web servers to your liking and scale storage, disk space, or bandwidth as your demands grow. You can customize your environment to achieve the highest levels of security and processing performance even at peak times.

With a toolset of progressive hardware and data center technologies, ServerGenie helps you achieve your performance and security goals. Choose hard disk drives (HDD) or solid state drives (SSD) based on your needs. You can configure and upgrade RAM and CPU resources anytime. All solutions come with free DDoS protection to ensure security of your data.

Exceptional Reseller and Partner Opportunities

Looking to expand your technology business? ServerGenie’s reseller and partner opportunities are designed to support the expansion of hosting companies, developers, cloud solution providers, and other technology businesses.

Our Dedicated Server Solutions 

Enjoy a private secured network with dedicated resources to meet your security and compliance demands.

Whatever type of dedicated infrastructure you wish to build, ServerGenie can make it happen. Our dedicated servers are ideal for gaming, video-on-demand, multimedia or graphics applications, and other data-hungry workloads. Compared to a shared hosting solution, such as a public cloud or other virtualized environment, a dedicated infrastructure gives you a higher level of security and privacy. ServerGenie also make it easy for you to manage all your resources through our custom control panel SGCP.

Take a look at our solutions and pick the one that fits your need best!

Featured Servers

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Hardware as a Service

Need additional flexibility with your hardware deployments? Hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) lets you leverage enterprise-grade equipment in an on-demand pricing model. You can even combine your own hardware equipment with our solutions to maximize your IT utilization.

Colocation Data Center

Distributed across the globe, ServerGenie’s data centers are strategic locations for your IT backbone. Access a worldwide network of world-class carriers and leverage our global footprint. Choose one of our data centers and consider additional hardware or managed services options.

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